Haneure Byeolttagi
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Haneure Byeolttagi


Participatory art workshop and installation, in collaboration with Stephanie Cheung, for the Gyeongyu International Residency Art Festa 2019


In the city where East Asia’s first observatory stands for long-lasting fascination with the sky, Haneure Byeolttagi engages families to take part in an imaginative journey: a shooting star has descended to earth and spent a day in Gyeongju; when it wants to return home, it needs magic power and a star map for travelling across light years. The participating families give a hand by creating a work of public art together. Through something so familiar and down-to-earth, we gaze at the distant universe.



Special thanks to Kenneth Young, Mr Kim, Helena Yun, Regina, Marianna, Eunjoo, fellow artists of the residency, and the many families who gave life to the project with their enthusiastic participation.