Beyond the Light of Day – an Etude with Shelley Sacks
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Beyond the Light of Day – an Etude with Shelley Sacks

Immerse in an aesthetic experience in a deserted village in an etude of the night


Professor Shelley Sacks works internationally in social sculpture, exploring the relationship between imagination and transformation, the individual and community, and “responsibility” as an ability-to-respond. She regards her long-term projects such as Exchange Values, the University of the Trees and Earth Forum as “instruments of consciousness” that connect inner work and outer action. We had the privilege to invite Professor Sacks to host a one-night process in the deserted village in Ma Wan, Hong Kong. The site is a poignant one–once a vibrant fishing village with lives thriving in coastal shanties, it was then in a state of dilapidation, with only one or two lingering households, dimly persisting in their old way of life beside a towering, Disneyland-style residential development. Tools the fishermen used to make a living still remained. Grabbing onto some leftover bamboo sieves, participants listened to the salty, nocturnal wind.


Special thanks to HKBU Academy of Visual Arts, Kai Tak Research Centre