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A permanent two-parts installation for the former Kinma Military Hostel (ALIEN Art Centre)


Crossing is a two-part multimedia installation. Taking the history of Kinma Military Hostel as its point of departure, it approaches time as a continuum. The first part is a time capsule: extracts from interviews with Kinma veterans are etched on transparent “timepieces”. Visitors can hold them in their hands, and reconstruct what this place represents for individuals, a nation and at time. A contemplative space awaits visitors in the second part. As sounds of Kaohsiung Harbour reverberate, drops of water glide across the darkness as specks of light . Concluding the experience, we invite visitors to reflect on the crossing that they are going through at this very moment. These micro histories will continue to grow in time.


Crossing I by Stephanie Cheung & Kingsley Ng

Text installation + illuminated time capsule for visitors’ participation


Crossing II by Kingsley Ng

Contemplative space: Water droplets, light, sounds of Kaohsiung Harbour


Special Thanks:

Mr. Chen Tsai-Fu, Mr. Lin Che-Jen, Mr. Chen Kuan-Chun, Mr. Lee Shao-Jung, Mr. Wang Wei-Chun, and other interviewees who prefer to remain anonymous

YUIMOM Construction Group – Mr. Shao Yung-Tien, Mr. Yang Teng-Yu, Mr. Lee Dong-Hua, Mr. Chang Kuo-Liang

ALIEN Art Centre