Twenty-Five Minutes Older (Echigo Tsumari Edition)
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Twenty-Five Minutes Older (Echigo Tsumari Edition)


Mobile camera obscura as a form of expanded cinema


Something disappears Something persists.


We arrived at Echigo Tsumari when thawed snow met a reversed sky on the paddy fields. The stillness looked eternal. Very soon, perhaps in a week or two, it would evaporate. It might come back as rain, colour the fields green and golden, and return again to hibernate in velvety white. Across the mirror fields, something disappears, something persists. The fleeting scenery flies by. We stop briefly at those who live here.



Writing by Stephanie Cheung

Translation by Sawako Ishii

Technical production by Echigo Kotsu Motor Company Ltd, Kanbanya Tajun Art & Art Front Gallery


Featuring stories of Yuichi Ishida, Mitsuyo Imai, Hiromatsu and Etsuko Kobayashi, Hifumi Shimada, Karin Tsubata, Asuka Yamagishi


Special Thanks to Art Promotion Officer, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Echigo Kotsu Company Limited, HKBU Academy of Visual Arts, MaD, G Yeung, Mona Chu, Tsunan Town, Art Front Gallery, Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale Executive Committee