Listening Time
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Listening Time


Multimedia theatre production and participatory art process; interactive music boxes prompt listening while stories become music and music becomes light


Comprising multimedia theatre and a participatory art experience, Listening Time turns a 900-seat auditorium into a space of active listening. A metaphor of “all actions sound” unfolded through a series of stage sequences, with sounds and moving lights activated by choreographed movements in a sensor system. The process then extended to the auditorium, which was left vacant in the subsequent days, except for the installation of 15 sets of music boxes. Participants could write stories on specially designed slips, and compose matching tunes on their own punchcards. These punchcards were then played at the music boxes which, similar to the stage sequences, generated synchronised sounds and a stream of flowing lights.


In collaboration with MaD (Make a Difference Institute)

This participatory work is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Lane Crawford Joyce Group


Creative Director: Kingsley Ng

Composer: Steve Hui (aka Nerve)

Dancers: Carmen Li Ka-man, Jody Nip Hiu-ching

Technical Consultant: Jason Wong

Software Designer: Cheuk Wing-nam

Assistant Programmer: Lok Man-chung Kei

Production Coordinator: Yip Kai-chun

Production Manager: Lee Chi-wai

Stage manager: Tsui Wai-hong (Po)

Deputy Stage Manager: Meilin Ho

Sound Designer: Lo Chong-yip Michael

Sound Engineer: Lou Jin-ming

Sound Operator: So Ho-chi So J

Lighting Designer: Cherrie Yuen

Carpenter: Lam Che

Stage Crew: Chan Kin-hang Kenneth, Chan Kwun-wang, Lam Hiu-yin, Fong ki-tuen


Listening Team: Yu Wing-kei Rik (Coordinator), Chan Lok-hei Sky, Cheng Nga-him Crystal, Cheng Wen-hsin Tiffany, Chiu Kwan-yu Angelina, Ho Suet-lam Shirley, Kwan Ka-ying Hilary, Lam Lut-yu Yuuna, Law Cheuk-yu Cherry, Maydelyn Liauw, Or Wing-yee Natalie, Wong Chiu-nok Ceclia


Video Documentation: Cheung Wai-lok, Lau Sze-lok, Ma Ching-lam