Musical Wheel
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Musical Wheel

6m musical carousel with hundreds of prepared strings


Musical Wheel evokes the mechanical spirit of the industrial district of Kwun Tong in Hong Kong. The wheel is one of the most basic human inventions and is at the heart of much of Kwun Tong’s industrial past. Built in the form of a heavy-duty, 6m diameter ring, rotating at a slow speed, the work is sturdy enough to accommodate 18 passengers for a leisurely ride. Passengers can recline on slanted seats and view a projection beamed onto the ceiling of a three-metre high canopy. The wheel’s exterior is strung with a variety of cello strings, which are plucked automatically as the ring rotates. This music is supplemented by sounds recorded on the streets and in and around factories in Kwun Tong.


With the support of Osage Art Foundation


2008 Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2008 Osage Singapore, Singapore

2010 Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China