Homage to Tadao Ando
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Homage to Tadao Ando

Interactive installation played by the wind


More and more, I have been thinking about art’s capacity of creating a sanctuary space. Looking back, perhaps this might have been partly inspired by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. In my adolescence, one of my favourite “hide away” places was the Japan Foundation’s library. There, I read about his architecture. Later, I visited a number of his iconic works in Japan. During a brief sojourn at the Ando – designed Fabrica Research Centre, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to create a temporal piece there. A spiral motif was extracted from the architectural plan and became a basis for an interactive musical composition. The pattern was projected onto a pond, and participants were invited to set candle-lit paper boats to sail on the water. In correspondence with the movement of the boats through the wind, music was generated in real-time. Like how the passing of time is accentuated as light glides across bare reinforced concrete, the work casts light on the interplay between natural elements.


With the support of Fabrica – Benetton Group’s Communication Research Centre


2006 Fabrcia, Treviso, Italy