Secret Garden
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Secret Garden


Experiential urban sanctuary at the former Victoria Barracks


Across three floors, Secret Garden is an immersive orchestration of scenographic installations, light and sound in the former Victoria Barracks, to be set in motion by a wandering audience.


In 1978, while politicians were debating the future of the Barracks, three children discovered a secret garden and wished to keep it forever. One day, they parted and promised to return on the last night. They all kept their word and return on the last night.


An experiential urban sanctuary, Secret Garden explores the notion of healing like its intertextual references—the eponymous Victorian novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett and the phenomenal colouring book by Johanna Basford. Following the footsteps of the three protagonists, across three distinct times in the same space, the audience open doors to what they have lost and found in time.


Concept & artistic directions: Kingsley Ng

Concept & curation: Stephanie Cheung

Seed installation: Monti Lai Wai-yi

Ceramics: Nick Poon Fai-wong

Outdoor track installation: CK Yung, Meipo Yuen

Carpenter: Lam Che

Lighting design: Lee Chi-wai

Interactive design: William Wong

Website design: Cheuk Wing-nam

Project coordination: Joey Chung

Track team: Rivian Cheung Wing-yan, Iu Hei-lun, Zachary Ting Lap-tak, Kazaf Tsang, Tse Chun-sing

Ceramics production / trio fabrication: Katherine Ng Ka-man, Cheuk Wing-nam, Fung Wing-lam, Wong Wing-yan

Handmade books fabrication: Hon Yik-wa, Tang Shu-wing, Ann Wong Wing-lam

Exhibition installation: Pointsman Art Creation

Crew: Addraine Chan, Natalie Chan Man-chu, Cheung Nga-ling, Sara Choi Tsz-ting, Fung Ming-sum, Barry Ho, Kam Wan-yin, Lee Hoi-yee, Li Ka-ki, Cass Liu, Lo Sing-ying, Ng Yin-ting, Poon Oi-ting, Rayven Sin Wai-chi, Felix Yiu Ming-shan, Yu Tsz-ying, Yuen Ming-sze, Yeung Tsz-king


Special thanks to HKBU Academy of Visual Arts, Make a Difference Institute, Osage Gallery, Radio Television Hong Kong, Josephine Hopkinson, Peter Moss, Michael Rogge, Jason Wong


Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre vA!