A Thousand Plateaus
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A Thousand Plateaus

The exhibition of this title presents 6 new works, which explore the divine moment where boundaries are distorted, dualities are pacified, and where conflicting forces are neutralised in a perfect balance while complimenting each other.


Sail is a site-specific homage to Hans Haacke’s Blue Sail (1964). The piece takes note of incidental car headlights from the city. As the light enters the gallery white cube, it activates the movement of a piece of curtain inside this predefined connoted art space.


Solitary Light is a poetical allusion to the poetry by Zha Shen Xing (查慎行) (1650-1727). 《舟夜書所見》月黑見漁燈,孤光一點螢。微微風簇浪,散作滿河星。The poet traveling on moonless night with just one solitary light reflected onto the water surface showing him the way, the gentle wind moves across the water surface, casting the solitary illumination into a stream of light. In this work, the lights from the familiar waterfront cityscape is reclaimed by lights and movements of nature – fireflies and city’s dusts.


Moon.gate (閒) is a reflection over the Chinese character, the ancient character for “space”. A composition of two characters – “door” on the outside, and “moon” on the inside – a spatial realty is only generated when moonlight insinuates through the interstice of a gate into an interior.


With the support of Osage Gallery, special thanks to Mark Mak, Chairman of the Firefly Conservation Foundation, and Fiona Lee


2011 Osage Soho Gallery, Hong Kong