Sun Over the Placid World
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Sun Over the Placid World

A rock landscape aligned to the Mongolian sun


Sun Over the Placid World was created for the 2nd Mongolia Land Art Biennial. The participating artists stayed in the DundGobi, 280 km from Ulaanbaatar, where there were only minimal traces of human existence and where the rhythm of life respectfully followed that of nature. The work is inspired by the sacred song of the same title, and often sung at the commencement of festivals. The song is remembered especially through the legacy of Namjilyn Norovbanzad, one of the most celebrated singer of the song, who was born here. In preparation of the work, a rock landscape is formed tracing the musical contour of the song. In perfect alignment to the sun path, the rocks are lit successively by sunlight from dawn to dusk, as if the sunlight is playing the score of the music. A time-lapse video is made to capture the process for audiences contemplating from afar.


Special thanks to the Norovbanzad Cultural Foundation


2013 Land Art Biennial, National Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2013 Espace Louis Vuitton, Hong Kong
2014 Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Moving Image Festival, New York, US
2014 Goethe Gallery, Hong Kong
2016 Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia